WTF Hipstamagic

I’ll admit that no one will ever accuse me of being a hip fashonista in my faded Levis and crusty pitstained Def Lep shirt with the sleeves ripped off so it falls on you the reader to please explain to me the misguided attraction people have with all these razoo filters and post processing crap for digital images like Hipstamatic and its clones. Why in the hell would you take a perfectly clear and dare I say perfect high resolution digital photo and purposely phuck it up by adding peeling and torn edges, washed out colors, and make it look like it was viewed through urine-soaked-horned-rimmed glasses? Does adding a 1970’s fade to the shot of your minivan suddenly turn it into some shag-covered ganga-wafting Mystery Machine? Does it instantly flare the bottom of your pants and turn your Under Armor into Underoos? I can hear the zip-zip of your denim jeans being conjured into cords by the cybermagic app. What has happened to us?

Thank Gawd there’s no Smell-o-Vision yet. You can almost catch a waft of yellow Merits and fondu.

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